Podcast Reshare: Preventing Burnout

• August 8th, 2022

Coming to your podcast feed today to remind you something that I needed to hear again this summer – how to prevent burnout.  How does this happen?  Can it be reduced?  I tuned into this podcast that I recorded last year with  Michael Levitt, the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network and after listening thought it would be a great reshare!.  Listen in as I talk to him about his journey which led him to help people across the nation to identify and prevent this chronic disease facing us in our work and personal lives.


Breakfast Leadership Network:  https://www.breakfastleadership.com/


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Podcast Reshare: Cybersecurity Resources for Tribal Communities

• July 25th, 2022

The episode we're sharing today is one that we released after our 2021 Virtual Cybersecurity Summit titled: “Cybersecurity  Resources Tribes and Enterprises Need to Know About - Tribal-ISAC, CISA, MS-ISAC and more”.  You'll hear from experts working in each of these groups in this conversation that is led by our TribalHub team member Tiffany Korenic. 



Tribal-ISAC: https://tribalisac.org/

MS-ISAC:  https://www.cisecurity.org/ms-isac

CISA:  https://www.cisa.gov/



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Is your team prepared? Active Attacker & Workplace Violence Exercises with Red Ball Drills

• July 6th, 2022

Red Ball Drills® is changing the landscape in active attacker and workplace violence exercises.  They are opening up the conversation with teams to discuss the processes organizations have in place and to learn how to develop better policy and procedures with regards to active attacker and workplace violence exercises. 

In this conversation, host Michelle Bouschor talks with Aric Mutchnick, President and CEO of Red Ball Drills® about this groundbreaking program which extends well beyond standard table-top exercises.  Their comprehensive safety and security review process, utilizing proprietary methodology for true all hazards assessment, analysis, and continued improvement, is what has earned the company the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Safety Act designation.

Show Links:

Red Ball Drills®:  https://redballdrills.com/

TribalHub:  https://tribalhub.com/


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Aligning your purpose with personal and professional goals

• May 31st, 2022

Leaders navigate change every day.  Changes within business markets, human resource and team management are inevitable.  That's why we reached out to the Purpose & Performance Group and asked them to join us at our TribalHub Regional events and talk to tribal leaders across the nation about how to boost access to knowledge, decision making and new opportunities by strengthening network of connections.

In this podcast, Michelle Bouschor of TribalHub and Luke Freeman of Purpose & Performance Group sat down following the Midwest Regional Event that took place at the Oneida Nation in Green Bay, and discussed finding purpose that fits personal and professional life goals.

For more information on the Purpose & Performance Group see links below.

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Secure Your Tribe’s Data, Cybersecurity, Automation, Data Sovereignty & More

• April 29th, 2022

Data Sovereignty, Automation, Cybersecurity and using Security Operation Centers - just a few of the topics covered in today's podcast where host Michelle Bouschor speaks with TribalValue partner, Splunk.  How innovative is your technology department?  Take a listen and see what tips and ideas the Splunk Tribe's Team has for you!

Learn more about Splunk at their website www.splunk.com.

Don’t forget to subscribe/follow our show wherever you listen to podcasts to never miss an episode. Connect with all of us here by searching “TribalHub” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or visit our web page at www.tribalhub.com.

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It’s Time to Embed Technology into Your Business Strategy

• March 16th, 2022

One of the most important factors in the success of a tribal organization is having a well defined technology strategy that is aligned with the overall organizational strategy.  But, how is this accomplished?

In this episode, we talk with Larry Wolff, the founder & CEO of Wolff Strategy Partners, about helping your tribal council and executive team understand the benefits of embedding technology in the tribal strategy to advance the entire tribal organization.    

You can learn more about Wolff Strategy Partners at their website www.wolffstrategy.com.

Don’t forget to subscribe/follow our show wherever you listen to podcasts to never miss an episode. Connect with all of us here by searching “TribalHub” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or visit our web page at tribalhub.com.


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U.S. tribal broadband infrastructure: A conversation wtih Mescalero Apache Telecom, Mohawk Network, CHR Solutions & Calix

• January 6th, 2022

Everywhere you look, there are new funding programs popping up for tribal governments to take advantage of (NTIA Tribal Connectivity, American Rescue Plan, USDA and US Infrastructure Plan) all promising billions of funding dollars to be spent over the next several years. 

During a webinar TribalWise hosted a few weeks ago, a panel of experts held an informative and helpful discussion with the goal of helping tribes to prepare for what is to come as well as share insights into ways these funds can be used.


Allyson Mitchell, General Manager at Mohawk Networks
Godfrey Enjady, General Manager at Mescalero Apache Telecom and President of National Tribal Telecommunications Association
Barak Harlan, Director of Engineering, CHR Solutions
Greg Bathrick, Solutions Marketing Director, Calix

This was one of our most highly attended webinars and is such an important topic that we thought it would be beneficial to share the conversation out via our podcast network.  

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Partnership Success Amid a Pandemic, with Four Winds Casino & CSM Cost Solutions

• November 22nd, 2021

In this episode, host Michelle Bouschor talks with Michael Tate, the Director of Purchasing and Procurement with Four Winds Casino and Darrin Dickerson with CSM Cost Solutions about how their partnership helped the Four Winds team navigate the many obstacles thrown their way over the past year. Between supply chain issues, staffing, and new restrictions, those who survive are those who adapt to change.  Listen in to see how these two partners were able to adapt and even grow during a global pandemic.


Show Notes

CSM Cost Solutions:  CSM is a proven solution for tribal casinos, resorts, healthcare, education, and more.  Tribal organizations and enterprises can receive a CSM membership and gain exclusive access to agreements with over 600 suppliers on contracted food items and additional access to extensive non-food programs specific to tribal organizations.


Four Winds Casino:  Owned by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, the Four Winds Casinos Resort operates multiple casinos, restaurants, and non gaming enterprises in Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana.  


Connect with the TribalHub team by searching “TribalHub” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or visit our web page at tribalhub.com.

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Cybersecurity Resources Tribes & Enterprises Need to Know

• October 25th, 2021

Tribes across the nation are banding together to share valuable security information and best practices in a safe and  trusted environment within the new Tribal-ISAC.  You absolutely NEED to be aware of all security resources available and participate to be making the best effort in protecting your tribe or tribal enterprise. 

In late September, the TribalHub team hosted a Virtual Tribal Security Summit.  This summit turned out to be one of our most successful virtual events to date, confirming what we already knew - cyber security is on EVERYONE’S mind.  

With this podcast, we are releasing one of the sessions held during the Summit called “Cybersecurity  Resources Tribes and Enterprises Need to Know About - Tribal-ISAC, CISA, MS-ISAC and more”.  You'll hear from experts working in each of these groups in this conversation that is led by our TribalHub team member Tiffany Korenic.

Preparedness and solid security has never been best achieved through isolation, so the time to get engaged with resources is now.


Show Notes:

Learn more and register for Tribal-ISAC:  www.tribalisac.org

Register for MS-ISAC membership:  https://learn.cisecurity.org/ms-isac-registration

Register for MDBR Service:  https://mdbr.cisecurity.org/

Register for NCSR Assessment: https://www.cisecurity.org/ms-isac/services/ncsr/

CISA provides real-time threat analysis and incident reporting capabilities. The  CISA 24x7 contact number is 1-888-282-0870 or email central@cisa.dhs.gov .  Also visit: https://us-cert.cisa.gov/report


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Tribal Casino Operators Guide to Better Produce Procurement

• October 18th, 2021

Listen in as TribalValue partner, BuyersEdge Platform, talks through the grower-to-plate look at your operations produce purchasing.  From the supply chain impacts to industry trends and forecast and usage and optimization to local tribal community connection, this is a great conversation that will leave you with a strong understanding of how to plan and procure the produce needs for your operation.



Show Links:

Reach out to BuyersEdge at:  https://buyersedgeplatform.com/tribal-value/

Reach out to Michelle at:  michelleb@tribalhub.com

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