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Thursday Oct 20, 2022

What happens when you've experienced a security incident?  Do you follow your incident response plan?  Does your tribe even have an incident response plan?  Is cybersecurity a topic regularly discussed with your executive team?  This discussion with Renita DiStefano, President and CEO of Second Derivative, LLC, will help you answer these questions, give you tips on how to prepare an incident response plan and where to get help if it's needed.
Show Notes:
Reach out to Renita DiStefano at or visit Second Derivative, LLC at
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):
CISA Cybersecurity Grant:

Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Wendy Barnhart, Telehealth Lead Coordinator with Grass Valley Health Center with Chapa-De Indian Health spoke on "Indian Health Centers & Electronic Consult - Improving Access to Specialty Care" during TribalNet's 2022 Annual Conference in Reno, NV in early September.  In this conversation, Wendy talks to TribalHub's Michelle Bouschor about how she has spearheaded the addition of e-consult to her health center's offerings increasing access to specialty care for her tribal community.

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Leaders navigate change every day.  Changes within business markets, human resource and team management are inevitable.  That's why we reached out to the Purpose & Performance Group and asked them to join us at our TribalHub Regional events and talk to tribal leaders across the nation about how to boost access to knowledge, decision making and new opportunities by strengthening network of connections.
In this podcast, Michelle Bouschor of TribalHub and Luke Freeman of Purpose & Performance Group sat down following the Midwest Regional Event that took place at the Oneida Nation in Green Bay, and discussed finding purpose that fits personal and professional life goals.
For more information on the Purpose & Performance Group see links below.
Luke Freeman:
PPG on LinkedIn:
PPG on FB:
PPG Web:

Wednesday Mar 16, 2022

One of the most important factors in the success of a tribal organization is having a well defined technology strategy that is aligned with the overall organizational strategy.  But, how is this accomplished?
In this episode, we talk with Larry Wolff, the founder & CEO of Wolff Strategy Partners, about helping your tribal council and executive team understand the benefits of embedding technology in the tribal strategy to advance the entire tribal organization.    
You can learn more about Wolff Strategy Partners at their website
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Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Everywhere you look, there are new funding programs popping up for tribal governments to take advantage of (NTIA Tribal Connectivity, American Rescue Plan, USDA and US Infrastructure Plan) all promising billions of funding dollars to be spent over the next several years. 
During a webinar TribalWise hosted a few weeks ago, a panel of experts held an informative and helpful discussion with the goal of helping tribes to prepare for what is to come as well as share insights into ways these funds can be used.
Allyson Mitchell, General Manager at Mohawk NetworksGodfrey Enjady, General Manager at Mescalero Apache Telecom and President of National Tribal Telecommunications AssociationBarak Harlan, Director of Engineering, CHR SolutionsGreg Bathrick, Solutions Marketing Director, Calix
This was one of our most highly attended webinars and is such an important topic that we thought it would be beneficial to share the conversation out via our podcast network.  

Thursday Oct 08, 2020

After being closed down for months due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, tribes across the country are working hard to reopen their governments and businesses in a safe and health manner. Many things have changed over this time, and are still changing. The world is in a constant flux, we are still in the midst of the global pandemic and tribal leaders across the country still need to be at the top of their game. 
Are we almost near the end of this pandemic? What should tribal businesses be focusing on? Is a recovery coming soon? These are questions we asked Larry Fretz, the practice lead at Info-Tech Research Group for both the Native American Technology Research Center (NATRC) and the gaming and hospitality research center (GHRC). Get his insight, suggested solutions, and recommendations by listening now!
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Show notes:
The Info-Tech Covid-19 Response Page:
Info-Tech Webinar:

Thursday Oct 01, 2020

In today’s episode we showcase a conversation between Jason Lockwood, Health Information Consultant for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and Justin Raisor, Sr. Account Executive of Nutanix. The two recently joined on a TribalWise webinar and discussed the success the tribe had when they migrated RPMS from a traditional architecture to a Nutanix framework.  
IHS and private sector tribal health facilities use RPMS every day to efficiently manage programs, maximize revenue generation and most important, to provide high-quality care for patients. It is one of the most critical applications run by tribal health organizations. If your tribe is looking to move to a more modified/updated framework, this will be an episode to listen to!
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Show notes:
Pascua Yaqui Tribe:

Thursday Sep 17, 2020

When you hear the word "ICONIC" what do you think of?  Your favorite shoe brand?  The sports player you idolized as a child?  A business leader that revolutionized the world with their invention?  We all desire to be ICONIC - but how do you reach that status?
Calvin Stovall, the Chief Experience Officer for ICONIC Presentations, specializes in delivering high-energy, customized keynote presentations for organizations and teams that desire to reach or maintain ICONIC status.  Calvin designed a practical and systematic technique called The ICONIC Framework™ to help organizations achieve and maintain iconic status in the eyes of their customers. The ICONIC Framework was built based on nearly two decades of practical branding and leadership experience, and countless hours of readings from secondary research of iconic brands over the years.
Take a listen to this energizing, interesting and entertaining conversation with Calvin and host Michelle Bouschor as they review the 4 P’s of Iconicity: Purpose, People, Passion and Perseverance. Calvin will give you tips on how to make your own 4 P's and focus on what matters to you and your customers.
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Show notes:
Calvin Stovall:  Iconic Presentations:
The Iconic Mindset Podcast:

Friday Aug 28, 2020

There is an emerging growth of telehealth services within tribal nations right now that has been spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is changing the way patients look at healthcare. And it is changing the way providers give that care. In this episode, we talk with Dr. James Stallcup, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, and Toni Potts, Director or Health Applications, both with Cherokee Nation Health about their success in making telehealth a priority. From putting technology first and using workflows to manage change to encouraging video visits by engaging with mobile apps and changing chat platforms with healthcare workers, this is a discussion you do not want to miss.
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Thursday Jul 23, 2020

In this episode, we share some great lessons that our TribalValue partner, Virtual Procurement Services (VPS), discussed during a recent webinar with our TribalHub division. Learn the keys to utilizing a proper procurement strategy to reduce and recover technology costs, optimize purchasing processes, and improving organizational collaboration.
Now more than ever, tribal nations and businesses will need to do more with less as we continue to deal with difficult social and financial times. Our staff here at TribalHub talks with tribes throughout the country, and everyone is trying to gain their footing in this uncertain environment.
The majority of organizations are doing this by reducing their budgets. But, is that the right decision?  Listen in as we talk about how you can reduce your spending in a non traditional way and make creative changes that can deliver a real lasting organizational impact.
Show note links:
Virtural Procurement Services Webinar
Other topics in this webinar include: effective strategic planning, vendor and technology management, and procurement risk management. Which can be applied to all aspects of your community including tribal healthcare, education and other services.
Show Host: Michelle Bouschor, Connection & Resource Specialist, TribalHub
Presenter: Fred Brown, CTO, Virtual Procurement Services
Presenter Bio: Fred Brown has over 26 years of IT experience, including 13+ years in tribal gaming and hospitality leadership and over 12 years in strategic technology consulting spanning multiple industries. Prior to joining VPS, Fred was Corporate CIO for Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, where he built and led the coporate IT organization and was responsible for IT strategy, budgeting, integration and oversight of nine properties globally including one of the largest tribal resorts in the US, Mohegan Sun.
Presenter: John Torres, VP of Service Delivery, Virtual Procurement Services
Presenter Bio: With over 25 years of solution sales and sourcing experience, John leads the VPS service delivery team dedicated to our tribal government and gaming clients. Prior to joining VPS, he spent a decade focusing exclusively on helping nonprofit organizations and social service agencies leverage technology to help foster their respective missions. That experience makes John’s contributions to reducing and recovering IT spend for the tribes VPS works with especially gratifying.

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