New Year’s Podcast

Quick Fixes Are Not the Answer!

It’s 2020 and we resolve to start a podcast!  Welcome to the first episode of the TribalHub podcast!  Our goal with this show is not only to share information about TribalHub and all of our divisions, but to bring you stories, information and news from the tech side of indian nation.  We have some great guests already lined up and are excited to see where this takes us!

In this episode, we talk with TribalHub founder, Mike Day, about what it takes to make and keep New Year’s Resolutions.  Many people make them, most people never keep them. How can you make and keep a “resolution” in your person and professional life?  See if we find the answers during episode 1 of the TribalHub podcast.  

Podcast Notes:
2019  U.S. News & World Report article:

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